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Hello, many organisations have a bespoke relationship with us in terms of how they use so if the below doesn’t quite cover your needs please do let us know.

In terms of getting involved it works on a credit system and the costs per credit are:

Here are some of the listing costs

Job listings

10 credits a month per job

Home page supporters

300 credits per month.

Featured workspace on home page – 100 credits per month

Featured job on home page – 50 credits per month

Supporters – bespoke cost depending on the support given but this starts at 10k per year, that covers a financial contribution only, if you can contribute in other ways the financial element comes down. This is obviously something we discuss.

Job and workspaces section sponsor – 200 credits per month

Dotted around adverts on workspace and jobs section – 25 credits per month

Enhanced listing is 30 credits a year.

Whats free

You are able to accumulate credits by doing the following:

When you submit a feature or bit of news and we publish it credits are issued to your account  – 10 for an original feature and 2 for news. However, they do have to be original content and pieces that are primarily self promotion don’t count towards credits.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions.

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