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We started building simply because nobody else had. So many have talked for so long about Leeds, Yorkshire even, being the potential tech capital of the North, but there was little evidence, especially online, to demonstrate this.

We agree that the potential is clear, but when other Northern cities like Manchester and much closer to home Sheffield are already working on their online presence, surely Leeds and the wider region should step up.

We believe this platform should be open to everyone. To keep this platform as inclusive as possible there will be no fee to register, either as an individual or a business. In fact, anyone in the community can get involved and start contributing content, free of charge.

As much as we would like to offer everything for free, the reality is we need to generate some revenue to maintain, produce engaging content and further develop the platform.

We must raise this revenue through sponsorship and by forming partnerships with some of the many great businesses working in the sector throughout the region, such as yours.

As you can see we are clearly in our infancy but with your help, both financial and by contributing content, we will create something the tech and digital community throughout the Leeds City Region so clearly needs.

If you want to get involved you can start the conversation right here:

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