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An introduction to features

There’s a lot happening in the world of tech; it’s one of the fastest growing economies worldwide and the Leeds City Region is no exception. There are plenty of outlets for tech news in the region – our friends at Hyve are an excellent example and the likes of Business Desk, Insider, Bdaily and even the old guard at YEP have all reacted to this growing sector and are now a source of tech-related short reads.

We want to do things differently; we want to provide for the reader who is looking for a little more. We delve deep, we do our own research and we talk to the people behind the stories. We aim to produce engaging, thought-provoking features, opinions and insights. We are adopting a less is more approach with the emphasis on well written, carefully presented content. We’ll also be introducing video based features later in 2018 to widen our coverage.

For content creators

If you write or produce video content and have an interest in all things digital then we want to hear from you. Whether you are an expert in your field, a seasoned writer or young budding journalist making their first step, there will be options for you on this platform. Our features section will only be as strong as the content it serves and we need people like you to contribute. If you can write engaging content that people actually want to read, or watch, then please register your interest.

For businesses

It’s our job to tell the stories but the people behind the businesses make them interesting. If you own a business or organisation in the tech sector, or work with one and have a story to tell, then we want to hear it. We’re not that bothered about the odd snippet of news or the same PR that goes out to all the news channels. We want something we can build on, that’s ideally unique to this platform or at the very least has its own take on the subject. Start telling your story by sending your details and a brief overview to our content team.

Sharing your story

We understand the power of combining great content with the reach of Social Media. When we publish features on they are also promoted across the popular Social channels and via our media partners, in print and online. The story is read, is shared and has the widest impact possible. We also monitor the engagement and report that back so you’ll know exactly how far the story went and how many people you reached.

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